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21 Central District

County Club Day

4-H County Club Day is usually in February or March at a local school. Entry forms are due to the Extension Office no later than February 1st.

To enter, click on the forms below:

The following 4-H Club Day Rules were established by our regional group, which consists of Barber, Comanche, Edwards, Harper, Kingman, and Kiowa counties. The guidelines will give you a clearer understanding of what each event is, how long it needs to be, and includes the score sheet that the judge will use to evaluate your presentation.

4-H Club Day GUIDELINES (applies to both County & Regional Events, updated 1/1/2023)

If you are unable to participate in County 4-H Day or the Fair Presentation Contest, you may give your presentation to another civic group upon approval of the County Extension Agents.  Contact the Extension Office for details.

4-H Day Alternative Presentation Form

Publications to help you prepare:

21 Central District Club Day Information


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What is a 4-H Project Talk?

What is a 4-H Demonstration?

What is a 4-H Illustrated Talk?

What is 4-H Public Speaking?

Preparing Visual Aids

Demonstration or Illustrated Talk Outline Planning Form

4-H Project Talk Outline



Regional 4-H Day will be held in March. If you receive a Top Blue award at the 21 Central District 4-H Club Day, you are eligible to compete at the Regional event. If you are unable to participate at Regional 4-H Day, please let us know by March 1 so we can contact the alternate top blue recipients. Regional Club Day will be held at Great Bend Middle School.