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21 Central District

4-H Youth Development

pledgeRaising great kids is a challenging  task, but it’s easier when you have a team  of people behind you. 4-H    clubs are groups of families that do just that. Through working together, families share knowledge and
interests to help kids learn practical skills and important values.

Head, critical thinking, problem solving;
Heart, self-discipline, integrity, communication;
Hands, serving others; and
Health, choosing healthy lifestyles.

In 4-H, youth have fun with a purpose!  To learn more about 4-H clubs, projects & activities, download the New 4-H Family Guide. (Guide revised September 2023 and is continuing changing. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.)

Take a glance at our 4-H Year. Please note there are county specific deadlines.

21 Central District 4-H Year

Holiday Activity Guide

STEM, Cooking and More | Grades 1-12

Fizzing snow, cookie science, and a pillow that can make your dreams come true.