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21 Central District

Welcome to the Stafford County Fair

SFCO Fair Logo


Stafford County Fairgrounds, Stafford, Kansas

Just Another Day in FAIRadise

Click here for the 2023 Fair Schedule




Stafford County Fair Association

The Stafford County Fair Board has purchased the FairEntry online fair entry program. All 4-H and Open Class entries will be made this way.

Open class exhibitors: we will be happy to help you with your entry process either before the fair or at check-in time.

4-H Exhibitors: you will enter with your 4HOnline account. Click here to login. 

The link to the log in page is: Fair Entry - Open Class Entries

Board of Directors

President - Billy Milton
Vice President - Remington Smith
Secretary - Brianna Milton
Treasurer - 
Other members - Cody Dick, Baley Doggett, Brian Dunn, Derrick Ferguson, Gates Hunley, Joanna Mcalister, Keith McNickle, & John Thrasher

Special Contest

Hudson Cream Flour Bakefest

Stafford County Market Wheat Show

Fair Schedule

Fair Schedule 2023

Stafford County Fair Book

4-H Section

Open Class Section

2023 Fair SPONSORS  -- Thank you to our generous sponsors!

Fair Book 


See Fair Schedule and watch Stafford County Fair Facebook page for more information.

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