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Edwards County 4-H Foundation

The Edwards County 4-H Foundation Inc was incorporated in November, 1981.  The Foundation has been involved with Edwards County Youth, particularly the 4-H program.  They provide transportation to county camp, pins and awards for 4-H Achievement, scholarship to Citizenship: Washington DC Focus trip, and scholarships for higher education.  The funds for these activities are provided though membership fees and memorial contributions.

Board of Directors for 2023

Jill Cross, Judi McKinney, Gary Snyder, Melvin Schinstock, Larry Adams, Lowell Wagner

Past directors: Thomas Stejskal, Bonnie Russell, Evalina Craig, Kay Oliphant, Bethine Bender, J Byron Meeks, Alvin Wheaton, Ray Cudney, Betty Neff, Myron Burr,  Jack Kersting, Rodney Oliphant, Boyd Mills, Harry Brown



Individual, Family, Business/Organization (1 Year)           $25.00

Life Membership  (1 time fee)                                       $250.00

Star Membership (1 time fee)                                        $500.00

Edwards County 4-H Foundation Membership Form



All scholarship applications are due to the Edwards County Extension Office by March 1st of the current year.


Myron & Betty Burr Scholarship - for any college student; even post-graduate

Alex Gleason Memorial Scholarship - for any student, but those pursuing a degree in agriculture or aviation will be given priority.

Steven A Hornung Memorial Scholarship - for 1st and 2nd year college students

Rocky Snyder Memorial Scholarship - for any student pursuing a career in agriculture


As of 2023, applicants will complete 1 form to apply for these Edwards County 4-H Foundation Scholarships.

Edwards County 4-H Foundation Scholarship Form