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21 Central District

Extension Council

On July 1, 2021, 21 Central Extension District was formed by merging the Edwards and Stafford Counties Extension Councils. The K-State Research and Extension 21 Central District offices are located in Kinsley and St John.

21 Central Extension District has an eight-member governing board, represented by four board members from each county in the District. Board members are elected in an election conducted by the County Clerk in each county. The District Governing Board, in partnership with the K-State Research and Extension Regional Director, is responsible for leading the local educational program and developing the budget in the District.

Below is a list of the current board members of the 21 Central District.  If you are interested in running for an office, please contact Trisha Greene, District Director, at 620-659-2149.

2021-2022 Extension Council Executive Board Members:

Gary Snyder - Chairman

Yolette Miller - Vice Chairman

Kristin McClaren - Secretary

Brian Dunn - Treasurer

Cody Dick

Brad Lickiss

Teresa Schroeder

Remington Smith